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IVF results for 2013

Fertility SA Success Rates 2013
Clinical heart beat (fetal heart detected at 8 week scan)

Understanding Success Rates
Please be wary when comparing pregnancy rates between clinics. There is no industry standard or adequate audit process which means individual clinics are able to manipulate or skew their results by, for example:
• Excluding certain patient groups from reports that might skew results unfavourably;
• Excluding periods of time that have poor outcomes from data;
• Reporting only cumulative pregnancy rates or other aggregate statistics;
• Including frozen embryo transfers and/or multiple cycles.

Fertility SA endorses and practices total transparency of statistical pregnancy performance and therefore updates its records regularly to include all patient groups and all time periods. 

Clinical Pregnancy Rates
Clinic Comparison with ANZARD data (results from all clinics in Australia and New Zealand)

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