It is the philosophy of all our team to support you in your endeavours to have a child. To this end, we recognise that you may, at times, have issues you wish to talk about with the various members of the team. Staff members are available to you and will return your call as soon as they are able. We trust that this availability will assist you in your decision making about treatment and provide good care for you as you move through treatment.

Our Unit Counsellor, Julie Potts, is available to assist with the emotional ups and downs of treatment, with pre-treatment planning or to talk with you about any other concerns you may have. Her professional help is available to you before, during or after treatment, without cost and in total confidence.

Fertility problems can affect all areas of life. In the general community often it is not recognised just how demanding and painful it is to have to wait and try hard to achieve a longed-for pregnancy.

Our counsellor is available to assist in the following circumstances:

Debriefing sessions

People who conceive a pregnancy may wish to schedule an appointment with the counsellor following the ultrasound scan at 8 weeks.

You may want to gather information about support groups, current status of adoption or about how others have dealt with different issues or decisions. If stress is a concern for you the counsellor can discuss a variety of relaxation options, planning techniques and other services which are available to you in the community. The same applies for relationship or family stresses.

You may just want to talk with someone who understands the ups and downs of infertility and aspects of treatment or pregnancy loss.

Decision making
You may have concerns about the treatment options available to you, or about differences of opinion between you and your partner. You may want to discuss your plan for treatment, whether to stop trying, or how to make treatment fit in with other goals you both may have.

Counselling for change
There are times when all the waiting and trying can feel quite overwhelming. Making clear what is normal stress or normal grief, where the pressures are coming from and how to tackle them, can help in difficult times. You may have lost sight or be unaware of the personal resources you bring into this encounter with fertility difficulties. Counselling provides an opportunity for you to identify these strengths and to decide how you wish to use and build upon them.

Should you wish to make an appointment with or speak to the counsellor, telephone Fertility SA (08) 8100 2900. There is no fee for this service.