Dietitian Service

Preconception assessment and management for women and men
Fertility can be improved through both the woman and man having the best diet possible. Our Dietitian service includes assessment of the quality of the diet, core food, non-core food and vitamin and mineral intake. If the woman and man is overweight, achieving a modest amount of weight loss pre-conception can increase fertility in many couples.

Our Dietitian service focuses on working together with our patients to set realistic and achievable short-term goals to improve the quality of their diet and lose a modest and achievable amount of weight if required. This also involves individual assessment of when additional vitamin and mineral supplementation is required for either partner.

Specific targeted dietary advice will also be provided consistent with up to date research for conditions including polycystic ovary syndrome. Additional lifestyle factors including physical activity will also be assessed and tailored advice provided.

A comprehensive initial 45 minute session will assess current lifestyle, dietary and physical activity patterns with the Dietitian working together with the woman and man to identify short-term goals, strategies and action plans.

All patients will receive written recommendations following the consultation. Additional follow-up sessions of 30 minutes will be used to revisit goals and progress.