Compliments and Complaints
At Fertility SA we strive continually to improve our service. We really appreciate our patients providing feedback to us so that we know what we’re doing well, and when we are going off track and need to improve. We also love to hear our patients’ suggestions.

Feedback Surveys
If you have had an appointment or treatment with us recently, we’d be very grateful if you could complete our electronic surveys – the appointment survey should only take about a minute to answer and the treatment one should take less than five minutes, unless you have a lot of comments to write. We read every response and will review our practice when it is appropriate to do so.

The surveys are password protected and the password is changed regularly, but if you are a patient and have not been given the current password already, please phone or email to obtain one. The surveys can be completed anonymously if you prefer, but if we have not met your expectations, it does help us investigate more fully if you provide your name. No matter what feedback is provided, it will not affect the way you are treated – we are always grateful to have an opportunity to put things right.



Despite our best efforts, we recognise that sometimes patients have a grievance and need to bring it to our attention. If you do have a complaint, please contact our CEO, Paul Anderson by email at or phone 08 8100 2900. We’d far prefer to hear about matters so that we can resolve them when possible.