Our Services

Fertility SA is a small and personal group of dedicated professionals that care for you from day one, until you no longer need us. We’ll keep you fully informed at every stage, discuss the options, offer you counselling when you feel you need it, help you improve your lifestyle to increase your chances, and hopefully, share in the success of your journey.

As a patient of Fertility SA, you will have access to a team of specialists throughout your treatment. Surgical procedures are all performed at St Andrew’s Private Hospital.

We are available to discuss all aspects of fertility including:

• Assessment for male and female infertility
• Assessment and treatment of hormone problems including PCOS, irregular cycles, lack of ovulation for fertility purposes
• Management of infertility resulting from endometriosis and tubal problems
• Preconception counselling for existing conditions such as cardiac and respiratory disorders, diabetes, thyroid disease and weight disorders
• Previously failed treatments elsewhere