Our Success Rates

How to understand IVF success rates

We are extremely proud of our results. We also think it is essential for our patients to have an accurate idea of their chance of taking home a baby (live birth).

To compare results between clinics in Australia, you almost need a degree in statistics! To understand IVF success rates, it is important to be aware that many clinics promote their rates differently.

Clinics may actually be reporting on pregnancy rates per cycle, which may include multiple embryo transfers – including frozen embryos – or from multiple IVF cycles. Data may be from cycles which have a higher number of “good-prognosis”, younger patients, or the use of donor eggs, or a higher rate of Pre-Genetic Screening (PGS), which can make success rates look better. However, all clinics in Australia & New Zealand are required to report to a central body called ANZARD (Assisted Reproductive Technology in Australia and New Zealand) and so it can be useful to check your clinic against these overall ANZARD statistics.

An important question to ask your doctor is:
“What is my individual chance, using my own eggs, of having an embryo transferred?”.

Success rates per fresh embryo transfer

Fertility SA Success Rates - June 2016

Most recent published data. Fertility SA practices transparency of statistical reporting and therefore updates its records regularly, to include all patient groups and all time periods.  There is a  delay in reporting related to awaiting results of all live births reported.