Relaxation Therapy

Infertility can cause high levels of stress in couples who have made a decision to start a family. The romanticism of natural conception often becomes lost in a sea of confusing information, tests, appointments and sex on demand. The stress associated with fertility problems can impact all areas of your life including work, relationships and emotional health.

Couples should aim to take this time to maximise their general health and wellbeing, and to actively reduce stress whenever possible. Going for a walk, having a meal out, listening to music, taking a long bath, having a relaxing massage or reflexology session are all positive ways of taking care of yourself and improving your well-being.

We recommend that couples use this time to try to slow their pace of life a little and take time to relax in whatever ways work best for them. Having a healthy lifestyle and addressing stress is a more likely to help you maintain a positive outlook throughout the highs and lows of treatment.