We’d like to Help

At Fertility SA we are acutely aware of the anxiety associated with infertility. We also understand the concerns and fears associated with possible treatments to overcome infertility. However, the reality of your circumstances may not as bad as you might believe.

Over 60% of couples that were unsuccessful at other fertility clinics became pregnant with Fertility SA*.

We won’t truly know until we have all the science at hand, and then with our dedicated team of specialists and caring professional support staff, find a way forward to your goals, irrespective of what you’ve been told in the past by others.

Fertility SA In Vitro Fertilisation

Whilst we do not wish to create false hope, we will do everything within our means to assist you achieve a happy healthy baby. After all, that’s what make makes Fertility SA a leading fertility clinic in Adelaide, in Australia, and in the world. We’d like to help you.

*Based on data for the period 1st January, 2010 – 31st December, 2012.